Reading progress update: I've read 102 out of 280 pages.

Forgotten Victory. The First World War: Myths and Reality - Gary Sheffield

One hundred pages in and sadly I've not learnt much new. Lots that I already know about WW1. Thought this was going to bring forward some new compelling argument and so far it has just been a narrative of what happened in the war. 


Keeps saying that Britain started to concede its power to the US because of WW1. This to my knowledge is still a point of debate among historians, some argue Britain and its empire grew stronger out of the First World War and then the balance of power moved after the Second World War. But then this book is 14 years old. 


Still 180 pages to go, fingers crossed. Been a great couple of weeks and I'm in the mood to read lots, can't wait to get stuck into the brothers karamazov when I get that over the Christmas period.


Have a great day/evening/week.