Wings Of Desire

So I took the time out to meet with a friend today to watch the 1987 German film Wings of Desire. I was a bit reluctant to go, I was in the peak district yesterday and clocked up over 30km trekking around 5 or 6 different hills so my legs are a tad stiff today.


Also I'm not massively into film these days. I find myself a bit jaded by the lack of imagination and creativity, especially in Hollywood. But when he mentioned Wings Of Desire and knowing my friend I knew it would be a niche, probably lower budget film without the artistic constraints imposed by a big studio. 

It came with an introduction from a German lady, which I've not experienced before so that was new and in all I had a really good day out, I enjoyed the film and its been a really enjoyable weekend after a few stressful weeks. I hope you've all had equally enjoyable weekends, now I can back to reading the third installment in the Riftwar Saga.