— feeling shocked

I think my immediate worry is that Brexit has galvanized the far right in other European countries into demanding their own referendums and an EU split is on the cards. I think for the safety and political stability of the world this shouldn't happen. One of the original reasons for the EU was to tie down Germany into a European community to stop it from going rogue and warmongering. (I know we have NATO and that should keep the peace, but still worrying political signs).


I think its just common sense that if someone like Russia steps out of line and invades the Crimea, a collective Europe in the strongest economic bloc in the world, can have a significant political effect through the use of economic sanctions. Britain/France/Germany on their own counts for a lot less. 


I wouldn't be surprised now if Scotland finally gets independence from Britain, which it should, and even if Northern Ireland started to doubt its connection with Britain. A possible unification of Ireland. It may be far fetched, but you have a scenario possible where Britain becomes Wales and England.


Just imagine this. The EU splits, Britain splits and Trump gets the presidency in the US. I bet Putin is rubbing his hands at the very thought that it could happen


I'm annoyed about the inadequacies of the political campaigns to inform people properly of the potential consequences of their votes. The whole thing seems to have boiled down to dubious stats seemingly pulled out of the air about immigration, budget and sovereignty. There were even people voting leave as a protest vote against the PM.


I think this is where my issues with democracy come to the fore in a controversial manner. I cannot advocate giving power to the people on issues with potentially negative, world changing consequences. We train thousands of PhD specialists every year in this country in far ranging subjects like politics, economics, law etc. An independent body of a hundred thousand or so experts with a deep understanding of the EU and its workings should be making decisions of this magnitude, not millions of people with vastly different motivations and knowledge & interest levels. It just seems so incredibly inefficient, even irresponsible to do so.

And i hope the pound stabilizes. If the cost of imports rises, the cost of living will rise for me in London and it might make living there unrealistic. I'll put an edit in here, I'm annoyed and perhaps being a tad dramatic, that's for you to decide, but regardless I'm going to the pub to drink this away. Have great weekends BL people!