Reading progress update: I've read 40 out of 576 pages.

The Holy Qur'an - Abdullah Yusuf Ali, Anonymous

So 40 pages in and I'm extremely troubled. I said I'd freely express my opinion over the course of reading this book so here it is.


Positives so far: Charity is good, try to be charitable wherever possible. Ridiculously high Interest loans are bad.


Negatives: If you don't believe what we believe you will burn in fire. If you turn your back on Islam you will burn in fire. Don't marry unbelieving women or marry your children to unbelievers. 



It's similar to the Bible in a lot of ways which I expected from an Abrahamic religion and I'm only 40 pages in so I'm going to try and refrain from judging too harshly, but I'm struggling. It's hard not to see the assertion that anyone who doesn't believe what this says will be burnt in hell as bigotry.