So my next undertaking will be a big one. Once I have finished the first book in the Dune series I will read the Qur'an. I picked it up a while back, not because I'm interested in becoming a Muslim, but purely because it is a religion that is constantly under the spotlight.


Islam in the West appears to be a religion that divides opinion like no other. On one hand you have those that believe it is a profoundly peaceful religion that can co exist with other belief systems, on the other hand you have those that believe, to put it lightly, that it is incompatible with modern societal values. There appears to be little middle ground.


My intention is to read with an open mind and go to the source. I will try to cut through the propaganda on both sides and deliver a reasoned, clear review. I appreciate that it is perhaps a touchy area, but I am a huge believer in freedom of speech and so I intend to be as truthful as I can be. I go into this having been raised in an environment that encouraged me to think for myself and to come to my own spiritual conclusions and so hopefully I will not go into this with an over reaching bias on either side.


Thoughts/advice are welcome.