Metro 2034 - Dmitry Glukhovsky

Genuinely thought this one for the first two hundred or so pages was better paced and better executed than Metro 2033. But then it meanders on and on seemingly not going anywhere and just kind of ends on a whimper. Sad really I just come away yet again feeling frustrated. A great setting and back story not seized.


Its almost like Glukhovsky wanted to do so much and had so many different, great ideas that when he put it all together it was too big a scope to keep all the strings together.


The whole premise of the books deserves decades of work and probably a series of novels that touch over 600 pages for each one. The slow burning build up is fine and it gets you imagining this grimy, terrifying underground world of pitch black tunnels and stations, but the book then needs a strong climax to pull it all together whereas this just fizzles out.

Has its merits, but frustratingly disappointing with a rushed ending that leaves you wanting.